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K9 fund raiser

K9 fund raiser

K9 fund raiser program


The City of Waupun is continuing the Police Department's fund raiser program as the cost of running such a professional program is ongoing. The costs associated with the program are handler/ dog training, veterinary care, food, and equipment to use with the K-9.  


The Department has decided to purchase stuffed K-9 Animals from a company out of California that is called HERO INDUSTRIES. The K-9’s the Department has purchased are custom to the Waupun Police Department. The K-9s have a removable vest on them. On the back of the vest is a screen printed badge that is specific to the Waupun Police Department. The dogs also have collars that have a buckle and a metal tag attached to the collar. The K-9s the Department have purchased come in all black, or a black and tan combination. Between those two combinations, the dogs will have stitched into the collar “K-9 HERO” or “POLICE”. There will be 25 black and tan with “K-9 HERO” and 25 “POLICE”. The all black dogs will also have 25 “K-9 HERO” and 25 “POLICE”. In total there will be 4 different combinations. Below are multiple pictures of the all black K-9. It shows the details of the dogs. The dogs will be sold for $15.00 per dog. The K-9s will be sold at the Waupun Police Department, and at multiple events throughout the community through the year. If you are interested please contact Officer Ryan Schneider at ryans@waupunpd.org. Let Officer Schneider know what kind you would like to purchase. When contacting him please give your name, address, and phone number and the color/collar combination you would like to purchase so he can contact you when the K-9 shipment comes in. It is anticipated the K-9’s will arrive at the Police Department in the next 2 weeks! It is anticipated these will sell fast so please contact Officer Schneider soon! Thank you in advance for your support of the Waupun Police Department and its K-9 Unit!


If you have any questions please contact Officer Schneider at ryans@waupunpd.org