Officers In The Community

Det. O'Donovan 2011 Waupun Home Show
Detective O'donovan gives a bicycle helmet to a young boy at the 2011 Waupun Home Show.
Chief Heeringa-Tony's Pizza Fundraiser for Joplin, MO
Lt. Rasch-Tony's Pizza Fundraiser for Joplin, MO
Det. O'Donovan-Tony's Pizza Fundraiser for Joplin, MO
Det. Odonovan Bike Rodeo
Lt. Rasch 2011 Bike Rodeo
Deputy Chief Louden 2011 Bike Rodeo
Lt. Brad Brzezinski 2011 Bike Rodeo
CSO Grant Demaa 2011 Bike Rodeo
Waupun Area Girl Scout Daisies
Hanging out with Lt. Joe Pfalzgraf and Officer Chris Schreiber! Thanks for the tour!
Waupun Area Girl Scout Daisies
Thanks for the tour of the fire station Chief BJ DeMaa!
Waupun Area Cub Scouts
Officer Grant Nass
Thanks for visiting! Hope you had a good time.

The Waupun Police Department is proud to have so many of its officers participating in various community events and organizations throughout the year.

List of Recent Events/Presentations

  • Shop With A Cop
  • Waupun Home Show
  • Waupun Bicycle Rodeo
  • School Presentations
  • Community Club Presentations (Kiwanis, Lions, etc.)
  • Hunter Safety
  • Joplin, MO Fundraising Benefit (Tony's Pizza)
  • Steve and Lois Bahr Fundraising Benefit (Tony's Pizza)
  • Citizen's Police Academy