Community Service Officer Program


The Community Service Officer (CSO) Program has been a beneficial program to the Waupun Police Department for many years.  A CSO is generally employed during the warm weather months to assist the police department with community relations, security, parking enforcement, special events, and minor complaints.  The CSO patrols the City of Waupun on a police patrol bicycle, wears a Community Service Officer Uniform, and is equipped to communicate with Patrol Officers and Communications Center.  The CSO is also able to access many locations which would be difficult for a patrol unit. 

Over the years we have had many CSO's employed at our department who have envisioned themselves as future law enforcement officers.  We as a department are proud to know that we have had some excellent CSO's, and were able to give them some on-the-job training that has helped with their future endeavors.  Many of our former Community Service Officers have become successful police officers throughout Wisconsin.