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Grants Received

Grants Received By Department

Within the past few years, law enforcement grants have become very important in replacing equipment at our police department.  During a time when the budgets are getting tight, smaller police departments have had to find ways to keep up with technology and aging equipment.  Below are some of the recent law enforcement grants that our department has received.

Grants Received

2009 Office of Justice Assistance Digital Recording Grant - Our department received $12,140, which was used to purchase and install digital video recording devices, cameras and monitors for our interview rooms.  This system is also used for security within the police department.

2009 Bureau of Justice Assistance Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant - Our department was granted up to $3816.50 for the replacement of officer bulletproof vests.  As of 2011, we have received $3380 of that amount by purchasing new bulletproof vests.

2010 Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety Grant - Our department received $4000, which was used to replace/purchase a squad car digital recording camera system.

2010 Office of Justice Assistance Homeland Security Law Enforcement Command Radio Grant - Our Department received $3400 for the purchase of a squad car command radio.  This radio is crucial during multi-agency incidents.

2010 US Department of Justice Law Enforcement Technology Grant - Our Department received $30,000, which was used for the replacement of 6 squad car computer systems.

2012 WI Office of Justice Assistance (Smaller Police Agency Crime Initiative Grants) - Our Department has been informed that we will be receiving a grant for $5,295 which will be used to purchase a new in car video recording system.

2012 State of Wisconsin Department of Justice First - Line Supervision Training Scholarship Grant - Our Department received this scholarship grant in the amount of $435, to be utilized for this career development course through UW-Platteville.  Lt. Joe Pfalzgraf successfully completed this course.

2014 TransCanada Corporation - $2,400.00 grant for Project Saving Lives.

2014 Walmart Foundation and Facility - $500.00 for the Local Facility Giving Program.

2016 BOTS grants - $4,000.00 for the purchase of squad car video recording system.