Bicycle Rodeo

Lt. Jeremy Rasch
Community Tour
Community Tour
CSO Jordan has a cool shirt too!
Community Tour
Community Tour
Community Tour
Community Tour
Officer Robert Williams
McCune Park
Watch me!
Good Job!
Cross Walk
Mastered this, what's next?
I'm good!
This is how you do it!
Rodeo Star!
Round and Round
You can do it!
Keep Trying!
Lt. Jeremy Rasch demonstrates!
CSO Jordan. Safety 1st!
Super spectator
Lets ride!
I'm going to win!
We did it!
Look at my cool bike!
2016 Park and Rec Leaders
Park and Rec supervisor
CSO Jordan handing out bike licenses
donations for raffle
Getting a new helmet!
Our shirts are great!
Our shirts are better!

The 2016 Waupun Bicycle Rodeo was a huge success again this year!

Waupun children ages 4 to 12 participated in many cool events!  The purpose of the Bicycle Rodeo was to familiarize children with bicycle safety and laws. They were taught numerous riding skills and safety tips that they can use every day.  In addition, many prizes were awarded due to the tremendous generosity of local clubs, organizations and businesses.  The following are the 2016 donators:  Lifestar Ambulance Service, Waupun Police Department, Beaver Dam Walmart, Kiwanis Club, Waupun Park and Recreation Department, Tony's Pizza, Waupun Culvers, Waupun Kwik Trip, Waupun Department of Public Works, Waupun Subway and Waupun Jimmy Johns.

Thank you all who donated time, money and resourses.  We couldn't have done this without you!