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CounterAct Program

CounterAct is a six-session curriculum designed to involve police officers, schools, and families in preventing children from using alcohol and other drugs, and helping children avoid using violence as a means of solving problems.  CounterAct teaches 5th grade students specific skills they can use to resist alcohol, other drugs, violence, and offers young people a supportive community that strengthens the protective factors in their lives.

The Waupun Police Department began teaching the CounterAct Program in 1990.

CounterAct is an interactive skill-based program where students learn specific skills that they can apply in real-life situations, and they will demonstrate these skills before graduating from the CounterAct program.  The  curriculum uses a variety of activities designed to encourage a high level of interaction among uniformed police officers, students, and parents.

The entire program is built around three main themes: "You Decide:, "You're in Charge", and "We're a Team".  The content centers on a few key concepts: the consequences of our actions, identifying influences, safe and legal alternatives, and non-violent ways to solve problems.  The goal is not to teach a lot of new things, but to simply reinforce what is already being taught at home and in school through the perspective of a street police officer.

The CounterAct program helps students learn skills to make positive choices, and to resist pressures to engage in risky behaviors such as drinking, smoking, using drugs, or becoming violent.  CounterAct joins the Waupun Police Officers, the elementary schools, and parents in a cooperative effort to help young people live healthy lives.